Tree Sit on Coal River Mountain: Day Two Update

Friday, July 22nd, 2011
posted by rampsmedia

Blasting on the Bee Tree permit on Coal River Mountain continues to be halted by two tree sitters, Catherine Ann MacDougal and Becks Kolins.  As of Thursday evening, the Bee Tree permit was quiet, and no work appeared to be occurring, according to the sitters.

It has been fairly quiet high in the canopy, and the sitters are doing well despite the heat. Macdougal traversed through the trees to Kolins’ platform for a lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Yesterday afternoon, someone called to them from hill above them.  The person, presumably a worker or security guard, asked them to come down and to be careful. Alpha has been working on bulldozing a road down to where the tree sitters are.

The heat index in West Virginia was 105 degrees, and today – Friday – promises to be just as warm.  Keep Becks and Catherine Ann in your thoughts today, as they sit, sweat, and sway 80 feet in the air, on the edge between mountains and moonscape.

The treesitters thank everyone for their words of support from across the country! Keep them coming!

And please donate to RAMPS if you are able, so that the RAMPS base camp can continue to help this tree-sit stay as safe as possible.

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