Tree Sit on Coal River Mountain Day Three Update

Friday, July 22nd, 2011
posted by rampsmedia

Today was another hot and humid day on Coal River Mountain.  The tree sitters remained in good spirits.  During the day 2 baby bears visited near the trees, which was a highlight for Becks and Catherine-Ann.

In the late afternoon, security approached the trees to inform the sitters that a blast was about to go off on the BeeTree permit, but not immediately next to the sitters’ location.   After the relatively “small” blast the security returned to the site again.  The sitters were not harmed in any way and were not able to witness the blast.  We will be in communication with Alpha to ensure that the safety of the sitters is maintained, and we are monitoring the situation.  The sitters are still halting blasting and work in the immediate area of the tree-sit.  Aside from this blast, there has been no work done on the mine site today.

Check out the video uploaded today with interviews from both tree sitters, and Eli and Junior, as well as of the flyover of the area that took place on the first day of the tree sit.

As night approaches there may be a storm headed for the tree sit, we hope the sitters will stay safe and dry overnight.  Thanks for your continued support, and check back frequently for more updates.  Also, don’t forget to follow RAMPSWV on Twitter!


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