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Statement from RAMPS Tree-Sitter Sent to Jail Today

Becks Kolins took a plea deal this morning (10/04) in Raleigh County Magistrate Court. They were sentenced to twenty-four hours beginning this morning. This is what they wrote before being taken to jail: On July 20th, 1 year, 3 months, 15 days ago, I ascended a tree on the Bee Tree Permit of Coal River […]

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Tar Sands Blockade begins 8-person tree-sit

Our friends in Texas have erected a large tree-sit community of eight people with an indefinite amount of supplies to prevent construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline! “Today I climbed a tree in the path of Keystone XL to demand TransCanada stop construction of this dirty and dangerous pipeline. This pipeline is a disaster for […]

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RAMPS Supports Historic EF! Action Shutting Down a Fracking Site

Nearly 100 Earth First! activists, friends and allies forced a 70-foot-tall EQT hydrofracking drill rig to suspend operations for 12 hours yesterday in Pennsylvania’s Moshannon State Forest. This is the first time that protesters have shut down a hydrofrack drilling operation in the US. A tree sitter hung above the access road, with their anchor […]

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Earth First! shut down frack site in PA state forest

Activists from Marcellus Shale Earth First!, Earth Firsters from around the country and other friends and allies have shut down a fracking well site in the Moshannon State Forest, near State College, Pa.  There’s two tree sitters whose anchor lines cross the access road, and if a line is cut a sitter falls.  There’s also […]

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Squirrel is Free!

Dear friends and allies in the fight against strip mining, Good news: I’m out of jail! I served my term of a week and was recently released from Southern Regional Jail. Thank you once again to all of you who supported me throughout that process. Because I had a whole community backing my action from […]

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A bucket was better; A short piece on the crap system!

My deep gratitude goes out to all of you who have supported me in jail. To those who have been answering my phone calls; sending me books, letters, and pictures of cute kittens; putting money on my account to pay for commissary; praying, telling others and telling others to pray: Thank you. I’ve been so […]

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Resistance Behind Bars

Today Catherine Ann went to Magistrate court in Beckley, WV and plead no contest to trespassing charges related to last summer’s tree sit.  As a result she was required to report within an hour of the deal to Southern Regional jail where she is now serving seven days and she owes court costs of $160.  […]

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Fighting Alpha in Federal Court

On August 30th, Eli, Becks, Junior and I were served documents informing us that Alpha was suing. They were demanding, we learned, an injunction that would invoke stiff penalties if we were caught on Marfork property in the future, as well as compensatory and punitive damages–an unspecified amount of money–for the “irreparable damages” that we […]

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Squirrel’s Pretrial

I was immensely disheartened to hear the magistrate’s flat-out denial of my lawyer’s request that our witnesses be allowed to testify on my behalf. During the past few weeks, I had been strengthened and moved by the willingness of so many people to make personal sacrifices to testify in my trial. Some of the witnesses […]

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Junior Walk on his day in court

As it turns out the criminal justice system of West Virginia didn’t feel like I deserved to get thrown in the slammer for standing up for myself and my neighbors. I could tell that the magistrate I had to go in front of wanted to lock me up and throw away the key though, legally […]

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