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In jail for the Holidays

Update: David has served his 30 days and is walking free! ————————————————————————————– Update: David has said that he’s doing okay with reading material in jail, and he’s asked that anyone else who was considering sending books his way donate to Dineh relocation resisters on Black Mesa in Arizona instead. See the link on the right […]

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8 in Jail After Alpha Headquarters Blockade and Banner Hang

All of our friends arrested in the Alpha headquarters action were arraigned in front of a judge this morning after spending the weekend in Jail. While none of them can be released from jail until their bail is set, only some of them will get bail hearings this afternoon. If enough donations are made to the legal […]

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Why I stayed in

by david Just to clear up any possible confusion, I thought I might write a brief note explaining some of the circumstances surrounding my recent stay and release from South Central Regional Jail. I was arrested on August 21 for locking to a barrel of ‘dirty water’ in front of the governor’s mansion in Charleston, […]

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Five Alpha Bridge Blockaders Sentenced

UPDATE 7/30: The remainder of the arrestees from the Alpha Bridge Blockade have been released! All are well and thrilled to be out. They’re done with their jail time now, as long as they can get their restitution paid on time. To help them do that, go here:         UPDATE 7/29: Jocelyn […]

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Citizens Bring the Fight to Peabody; 12 Arrested

An unprecedented coalition of Navajo (Dineh) residents of Black Mesa, AZ, Appalachian residents, St. Louis residents, military veterans and labor unions brought the fight for our future to Peabody’s HQ today.  Nearly 100 of us had a raucous rally opened with a prayer by Black Mesa native Don Yellowman, followed by speeches demanding Peabody stop […]

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A Letter from Jail

Squirrel is out of Jail and enjoying being home.   We didn’t get this letter in the mail until after we have already been hanging out with her, but here’s a letter from jail … When I went before the magistrate to take my plea, he asked me the same question that I had watched him […]

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Squirrel Goes to Jail Again

UPDATE: Squirrel’s letters are getting rejected.  PLEASE read the “Sending Letters & Books” section of the Jail Support page before sending mail.  If you include things like stickers, letters, etc., your letter will get rejected.  Also, please include a return address so that it gets through and so that squirrel can write you back.  Thanks […]

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Statement from RAMPS Tree-Sitter Sent to Jail Today

Becks Kolins took a plea deal this morning (10/04) in Raleigh County Magistrate Court. They were sentenced to twenty-four hours beginning this morning. This is what they wrote before being taken to jail: On July 20th, 1 year, 3 months, 15 days ago, I ascended a tree on the Bee Tree Permit of Coal River […]

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Can’t nobody take my pride, can’t nobody hold me down!

For the mountains, for the people, FOREVER, Ducky I’d like to start this piece off by extending a huge and heartfelt thank you to the RAMPS organizers and everybody who has shown me support over the past week.  It’s been a hell of an experience.  I wouldn’t be able to take part in actions like […]

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Ducky Takes Plea deal – 5 Days in Jail

update 9/3: Ducky is out of jail! He celebrated his release with Mexican food and enough giggles to send some up his nasal passages. More on his jail experience soon. UPDATE 9/1: Ducky has called us for the first time from South Central Regional. He sounded chipper and explained that he hasn’t been able to contact […]

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