Squirrel is Free!

Saturday, February 18th, 2012
posted by fern

Dear friends and allies in the fight against strip mining,

Good news: I’m out of jail! I served my term of a week and was recently released from Southern Regional Jail. Thank you once again to all of you who supported me throughout that process. Because I had a whole community backing my action from beginning to end, I NEVER felt alone or afraid, even up on that strip mine, even in a jail cell. Blocking mining and then serving time for it wasn’t just something that I* did, it was something that so, so many of us made happen together.

While I’ve been overwhelmed with the personal support I’ve received, RAMPS could really use some financial support right now to help keep things running. One thing we’ve had almost no luck¬† keeping running lately is cars: RAMPS (and virtually all members of RAMPS) currently have no working vehicles. It’s very difficult for us to even meet with each other because we’re strewn out in four different locations without a reliable method of transportation. If you can, please help us out by donating to the RAMPS General Fund.”

Thank you all for everything you do.¬† Now let’s take this fight even further.


*And of course Junior, Becks, and Eli!

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