Tree Sit on Coal River Mountain – Day Five Update

Monday, July 25th, 2011
posted by rampsmedia
Coal River Mountain Tree Sit Continues Through Day 5!

Catherine Ann MacDougal and Becks Kolins continue to sit 80 feet up in their trees, halting mining in a large portion of the Bee Tree Permit on Coal River Mountain in West Virginia.

The sitters had a beautiful morning of cool breezes, followed by thunderstorms this afternoon. They inform us they have “weathered the storms” well.

Becks messaged us today- “Super nice out right now. Feelin really good! Bugs suck a lot. Baby bears have yet to return. Same with the cop!”

Becks and Catherine have been doing so well high up in their trees. Collecting rainwater, keeping dry in the heavy thunderstorms, laying in hammocks and visiting each other across systems of strong ropes. We are inspired by their strength and courage to take action. Coal River Mountain must be protected.

Junior Walk, who was arrested doing ground support with Elias Schewel for the treesit, talks about his friends in the trees-  “I can understand why someone like myself whose actually from here would sacrifice their own personal safety and freedom to stop the coal industry from oppressing this area. But it’s just such a beautiful thing that people from different parts across the country are willing to stand up for this area and tell the coal companies ‘No you can’t blast here’. It really warms my heart and I am so grateful for them.”

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