“Putting My Body in the Way”

Monday, July 25th, 2011
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Post-Arrest Statement from Junior Walk

Some folks would like to say that me getting myself arrested to help get this tree sit up was a selfless or heroic action. I know better than that. I did what I did for selfish reasons: my water, my family, my land, my people. The brave young activists that come in here and put their lives and freedom on the line for people like me are the real heroes. Those folks don’t have to be here, they don’t come from here, this isn’t their home (though in my opinion they can call this place their home any time they want to) and they still sacrifice so much because they realize that their own liberation is tied up in mine, and tied up in the liberation of all oppressed people.

I decided to take the fight to the coal companies by putting my body in the way of their operations.  It was the support and encouragement of a network of people that made that possible, and many of those people are not from around here. We’ve all grown very close through this experience, and I’m very grateful for it.  It would have been hard to do what I did without them, and I am very proud to call Becks, Catherine-Ann, and Eli personal friends of mine.

We’re all standing in solidarity with the forgotten town of Packsville, WV (now only remembered as Marfork, where we’re not allowed to go anymore), as well as every other town and every other person the coal company has murdered.  I’ve had numerous phone calls from people who knew me while I was growing up.  They told me if they were physically able or if they didn’t have to live in fear of losing their only means of income they would have been standing right there beside of us. That to me is the most powerful thing we’re accomplishing with this, reminding the people who come from here that they have a choice and they have allies all around the country, and they can do something about the situation they’ve been forced into.

This map shows Packsville, Judy Bonds' hometown, now destroyed by the coal industry.

Click here to read Junior’s pre-action statement.

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  1. Maureen says:

    Way to go Junior! Glad to hear you’re doing well :) Lots of love to you and the rest of the folks down there.

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