Update After Day 12

Monday, August 1st, 2011
posted by rampsmedia

Monday marks 13 days in the trees for Becks Kolins and Catherine Ann MacDougal.  They remain in high spirits, their main hardship seems to be staying occupied on their small platforms day after day.  They have been spending time at one another’s platforms, and earlier this week received strong enough cell phone service to do their first interview with a local paper, which they were very excited about.  Becks was delighted to be visited by a tree mouse on Friday night.

Catherine Ann and Becks have been weathering inclement weather the last few days, and had this to say about the water that drips on their tarps,  “we have been staying dry in the afternoon thunderstorms.  Even the rainwater that drips from the trees is soiled heavily with gray dust from the mine site. ”

Please keep Becks and Catherine in mind as their tree sit closes in on the two week mark, and considering supporting the RAMPS campaign through words of encouragement, donations or physical help!

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  1. Ellis Keyes says:

    You have great courage. Thank you so much.

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