Support the Hobet 20. Write to them!

Monday, July 30th, 2012
posted by becks

There are still 10 folks being held in jail after shutting down the largest mountaintop removal site in Appalachia. They would LOVE your support and encouragement so please write letters and send books. Even if you don’t know them personally, everyone did an incredible job standing up to King Coal and this is a time they need support from you.

To guarantee that the person you’re writing to will receive your letters: address them to their legal name, use standard sized white envelopes and white paper, use only a pencil or pen with blue/black ink (typed or colored ink may cause your letter to be confiscated), don’t include cards, photocopies, clippings, or other materials besides black and white written correspondence.

Photos are okay. Please assume all mail will be read by the jail. Remember that the person you are writing may not have paper or stamps to write back, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t receive a reply.  All books must be paperback and sent from the publisher.

Following is a list of some of our arrestees. (Folks that have asterisks next to their name have their name misspelled in the system, so please write the letters to the names as we have them spelled here):

Sophia Morgan, Kathryn Dolby*, Dorian Williams, Clark Santee, George Vest, Van Pham, Matthew K. Smith, Kevin Kuenster,

Address the letters or books to Western Regional Jail at One O’Hanlon Place, Barboursville, WV 25504


12 Responses to “Support the Hobet 20. Write to them!”

  1. Kim Feil says:

    I just got back from the Transcanada pipeline convergence blockade protest training in east TX for the south leg of the keystone pipeline and was horrified to learn about your treatment and detention and the bond amounts. We hate feeding the beast that cash…..we need to cost them not feed them…if you can do your time that costs them…if it were me, I’d do the time, but am not in your shoes…yet… :) …. :(

    Saturday it was announced what ya’ll time and the sign u hung was brilliant….we cheered gloriously as we practiced out lockdown tactics…I was not ambitious enough to do the climb tree/aereal lockdown training…but they covered that.

    I just finished watching the video of those counterportesters and how badly they behaved and how the cops were allowing their special treatment…how maddening!

    The extended walk and threat of car impoundment was cruel treatment and a health hazard…..this is not over…we will spread the word that freedom to protest is met with such out of line behavior…in Anaheim CA recently, the cops pelted them with rubber bullets and mase just so a few privledge folks in a bus could get bye an so they could go eat…probably some red meat that hopefully will shorted their waste of a life!

  2. Chris McManemin says:

    Hello Matt Smith from Basking Ridge, New Jersey. All our prayers and support are with you. Please be careful. We sent you the books you requested.
    All our Love,
    Make Your Day Great!!!
    Uncle Chris

  3. Sean Maupin says:

    Much love and solidarity from Missouri and kansas. We stand with you all. Remember “No Fear, No Surrender”

  4. Debbie Graff says:

    Can we include envelopes and stamps in our letters? I would like to help them write home.

    • becks says:

      We have been able to in the past, however if you want to guarantee the letter going through, don’t include envelopes and stamps.

  5. Megan says:

    If you’re thinking of sending mail and happen to be reading this comment, I encourage you to play it safe with the things you send in if you don’t want your letter to be rejected. This particular jail will not accept ANYTHING computer generated or any colored paper. My photocopies were rejected, as well as simple letters sent on lined yellow paper. Send them mail, just make sure they’re going to actually receive it!

  6. Lori L. says:

    Is it true that the court will only accept bail in the form of $25,000 in WV property?? That cannot be legal. I am here in NJ with my support for all the sacrifices you have made to end the criminally insane practice of Moutaintop removal mining! This country is becoming pretty scary.

  7. bodine73 says:

    W don’t u all worry about your nasty ass state and let true west Virginians worry about theirs.

  8. bodine73 says:

    Kim feil. the cops wouldn’t let the miners drive to where the ramps where we had to walk 4miles we didn’t cry about it like the un educated ramps people did. you all should learn more about what the hell your protesting before u actually go. not one of your ramps people don’t have a clue on coal mining!!!!

  9. Bart says:

    All of you are very brave. I hope the bail gets lessened for everyone. Come home safe, and my blessings are with you. I hope one person has kept a written record each day in jail. This will be will be important later.

  10. jimmy says:

    then keep your ass in NJ where it belongs and worry about all the filth and excrement there.

  11. Nicolle says:

    Jimmy, don’t get frustrated! Its not nessecery. All our prayers and support are with you. Please be careful. Take care frieds! :)

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