Catherine Ann is Released!

Thursday, August 18th, 2011
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After 30 days of living 80 feet up in an oak tree halting blasting above Bee Tree holler on Coal River Mountain, Catherine Ann has descended from her tree and is heading home.

She spent most of the day packing up and carrying down her stuff from the trees in attempts to haul it out of the forest with her.   However, the officers would not let her carry out all that she had.  This afternoon police took her into custody and drove her off the mine site to magistrate court.  Magistrate Charles R. Humphrey released her on personal recognizance this evening and charged with one count of trespass (asked to leave) and one count of conspiracy.  She was initially charged with littering, but that was dropped.

Read Catherine Ann’s post-arrest statement and watch for more details about her descent soon.


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