Video, photos, Peabody 12 free, 1 from Arch still behind bars

Saturday, January 26th, 2013
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All 12 arrestees from Jan. 26 #StopPeabody action have been released from jail!  However, one activist is still in jail after his Jan. 22 arrest at Arch Coal’s headquarters.

Please consider a contribution to the Legal Defense Fund to support these great folks.

Yesterday was an amazing coming together of East and West, Native people and non-Native supporters, to confront Peabody Energy’s trail of destruction and despair.  The national anti-extraction movement continues to grow.  Here’s a collection of videos and photos from the two MORE-RAMPS-BMIS Winter Action Camp actions, and the letter from Black Mesa to Peabody:

Video from StopPeabody action.

Entirety of Fern Benally’s speech at Peabody HQ

There’s also several statements from arrestees available on the RAMPS and MORE websites.  Just scroll through the posts.

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