Shaleshock shuts down Shumberger fracking site 5.5 hrs

Sunday, August 12th, 2012
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The National Uprising Against Extraction continues!  Our friends at Shaleshock posted this update to

At around 11am, over 150 people arrived to block the main truck entrance in and out to the Schumberger Facility. 20 of this 150 came prepared to use their bodies to blockade the facility until they were removed by police.  Faced with such large numbers and organized resistance, Schumberger did not have their normal daytime shift. People stayed until 4:30 PM, stopping the daytime operation of this 24/7 hour facility and then left of their own accord, deciding that the action was a success. The Shaleshock Direct Action Working Group remains committed to using direct action to confront the presence of a gas industry that is intent on poisoning the land, air and water of our communities. As more people in this movement become interested in peaceful resistance, we intend to continue our work organizing and educating.

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