Here is a map of the area that the base camp is located in Southern West Virginia. We will send out an exact location with directions to folks after you register, as requested by our hosts.

Carpools are great! There is a rideshare board set-up, check it out! Please post if you have rides or need a ride.

Public Transportation
If you need to take public transportation and need to be picked up from a station, let us know. Please, in that case, give us a location and time of arrival in the “Planes, Trains, Busses” section of the rideboard!

Planes- The largest airport in Southern WV is Charleston (CRW). There are also small airports in Lewisburg (LWB) and Beckley (BKW), both of which are closer to the site.

Trains- The nearest Amtrak stations are Montgomery (MNG) and Charleston (CHW)

Buses- Greyhound Bus Lines come into Beckley and Charleston.

Coming Early:
If you are planning to come before July 25th and are interested in helping out, THAT’S GREAT! We would love all the extra help! Get in touch with us at: [email protected]