Gear Needs List

Is any of this stuff gathering dust in your basement? Are you upgrading your equipment?
Before selling that older computer/tent/Pack, think about giving to RAMPS. Gear is expensive, we need a lot of it, are hard on it and for some weird reason, sometimes the cops, security, or bears take it away!

Current Priorities list:

Vehicles and mechanics – Any working vehicles would be super useful to us: a 4×4 SUV or a pick up truck or a small fuel efficient vehicle. If you have mechanic skills and can come visit, that would help us out alot!

Two Way Radios– preferably FRS/GMRS , VHF or EXRS would be really great too.

Cameras– video and still, SD cards to go with them.



COFFEE!! and other non perishable food items– like dried fruit, jerky, hiking food, emergen-c …

Bulk Food– beans, garlic, onions, potatoes

water containers– MSR Dromedaries, camel-baks, canteens, water bottles, bladders, jugs

ziploc bags of all sizes

u-locks, cable locks

5 gallon buckets

Rain Gear


Water proof containers-bags and boxes of all sizes

Batteries, and other things that generate electricity – like travel solar chargers, hand crank chargers…

Bug nets


sleeping bags, sleeping pads and hammocks

PACKS! big ones, that are reasonably comfortable. 40-60 pounds really hurts on a crappy pack. Earth tones or black is preferred, but we can work with anything.

GEAR STORAGE!!! we are in need for water proof, highly weather resistant large gear storage, trunks and the like.



Optics– scopes, binoculars

G.P.S and compass


cell phones

solar panels


TOOLS-wrenches, torches, grips, welder, grinder duck tape of all colors.

hiking apparel in woodlands colors

medical supplies of all sorts

camp kitchen supplies– things like camping stoves and cookware.

Please contact us with any questions.