Help Support Chemical Spill Relief

Saturday, January 11th, 2014
posted by fern

Donate to send relief supplies to families affected by chemical spill

Truck leaving early Sunday morning

Aurora Lights is sending a flat-bed truck of supplies to Boone County, W.Va., for folks who have not been receiving sufficient water, liquid baby formula, etc., after Thursday’s chemical spill that poisoned their tap water.  Your donations will ensure the truck is packed with as much water and other supplies as it can handle.  More information is available on Aurora Lights’ Facebook page.  If you live near the affected area and have a spring, well or other clean water source that people can draw from, the West Virginia Clean Water Hub has been set up to coordinate such drinking water mutual aid.

Please donate tonight to ensure our flat-bed truck leaves Morgantown full of supplies:

Thank you everyone who has supported this effort after Freedom Industries’ tank leaked 4-Methylchlorohexane Methanol into the Elk River.

— The Aurora Lights Crew

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