Fracking and MTR: Solidarity in Movements Against Extraction

Thursday, April 12th, 2012
posted by bldnmyy

Those of us in southern West Virginia fighting mountaintop removal stand in solidarity with citizens here in southern West Virginia, northern West Virginia, and the rest of the country fighting the encroachments of hydrofracking onto people’s property, homes, and into their drinking water. Members of RAMPS travelled to Doddridge County in northern West Virginia last week to participate in a Mountain Justice Spring Break camp to build support between these two movements fighting the extraction industry in their communities.

At the close of camp, activists picketed the Bridgeport, WV office of EQT Energy in support of Jim and Eileen Burke, two local landowners who came from Doddrige County to attempt to meet with company officials regarding health and safety concerns with  EQT’s shale gas operations near their property.

Learning about the environmental, safety, and quality of life concerns residents in northern West Virginia have about what hydrofracking has done to their communities was deeply troubling to those of us who see hydrofracking becoming another environmentally destructive bonanza for billion-dollar corportations after we’ve abolished mountaintop removal mining. We’d like to thank those community members in northern West Virginia who opened their homes and took the time to educate us about what is going on in their communities. For more information on efforts to stop hydrofracking in northern West Virginia, please visit the facebook page of the Doddridge County Watershed Association and for more information on the fight against Marcellus shale hydrofracking regionally, visit the website of our allies fighting hydrofracking in western Pennsylvania.

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  1. Watcher says:

    This is a sure sign the 26 million dollar Chesapeake Energy donation to the Sierra Club has expired and Mr Mcclendon has joined Mr Blakenship as the new’ evil barron’. btw The Sierra Club was set to recieve 30 to 40 million more, to fight coal but were exposed and had to turn it down.

  2. Watcher says:

    Looks like gas well drilling is responsible for flooding in Logan Co W V on Saturday. Check it out if you can

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