Gear Needs List

Is any of this stuff gathering dust in your basement? Are you upgrading your equipment?
Before selling that older computer/tent/Pack, think about giving to RAMPS. Gear is expensive, we need a lot of it, are hard on it and for some weird reason, sometimes the cops, security, kids or bears take it away!

Current Priorities list:



games and art supplies

mauls, chainsaws, axes … wood gathering things!

-Vehicles and mechanics – Any working vehicles would be super useful to us: a 4×4 SUV or a pick up truck or a small fuel efficient vehicle. If you have mechanic skills and can come visit, that would help us out a lot!

Cameras– pictures are worth a thousand words – cameras go along way.  We could use a still camera, and more SD cards.

COFFEE!! and other non perishable food items– like dried fruit, jerky, hiking food, emergen-c …

Bulk Food– beans, garlic, onions, potatoes

ziploc bags of all sizes


Water proof containers-bags and boxes of all sizes


Optics– scopes, binoculars

G.P.S and compass


cell phones

solar panels


TOOLS-wrenches, torches, grips, welder, grinder  duck tape of all colors.

medical supplies of all sorts

kitchen supplies– things like cast iron cookware, dehydrators, canners

Please contact us with any questions.

you can send stuff:  RAMPS c/o k ellis, po box 63, whitesville, wv, 25209