Beyond Mountaintop Removal & Fracking: United for the Future of W.Va.

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013
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Aerial MTR image and someone drinking bad water, with text: BEYOND Mountaintop Removal & Fracking: United for the Future of West Virginia.  Statehouse Unity Rally: 11 am March 25, 2013.  Capitol Courtyard, Charleston, WV

Join us this Friday in Charleston for a rally to demand a bright future for West Virginia – not one that caters to the destruction of our mountains and fracking of our waters.

Our state is in a critical moment.  We have a choice.  We can double down on destructive and declining coal industry and another boom and bust energy industry or we can chart a new path to a diverse, healthy, sustainable economy.   Instead of embracing calls to create a Citizens Advisory Council on Economic Diversification, a WV Future Fund or job-creating energy efficiency policies, corrupt politicians have been championing corporate interests.  From the attempt to rollback selenium standards, the new threats to sue the EPA , and the continued refusal to address the damage hydrofracking is doing across our state, the government of West Virginia has shown us where they stand.  They stand side by side with the big money interests and the destructive industries of gas and coal.

It’s time for us to stand together — the movements rising to save our communities from the onslaughts on mountain blasting for coal and fracking for gas.

We’re outraged, and sick and tired of being sick from nasty chemicals in our water and tired of asking for the peoples’ voices to matter. It’s our time to show the WV government where our interests are: in the health and well-being for all of our communities.  It is beyond time we demand that our state government work for the benefit of all West Virginians.

Join us this Friday, March 15th at 11 am in the CAPITOL COURTYARD where we will take our demands straight inside to these corrupt politicians.

No more fracking, no more strip mining!  We want a new economy for our state.  One that doesn’t trade clean air, clean water, and the health of our people for a handful of jobs that won’t last.  One that doesn’t devastate our communities with boom and bust economic cycles and can provide safe, healthy jobs for generations to come.

It has never been more clear that our government is failing us. Join us this Friday outside the statehouse to show your resolve for a future worth fighting for.

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