Anti-coal activists in India send solidarity letter to RAMPS

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012
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Sierra Club has posted two solidarity letters from our fellow activists in India, titled “The Bars of Dirty Coal That Hold You Will Be Broken Soon,  Dustin” and “Solidarity With Dustin.”

An excerpt from the first one:

The retaining bars that hold Dustin – and other such crusaders against the oppression of the dirtiest energy,  are not only in the Police station, the bars of that oppressive jail that hold all of us  are created by the reign of the dirty Coal industry, and are co-sponsored by all the rougue political action that still support coal. As long  as we accept  coal as a major source of energy — even after it became clear that coal is the primary assault on the planet’s climate, its clean air and water, the jail will be there for all of us.

An excerpt from the second one:

While I am very sad to know that many activists have been arrested, injured and badly treated in this noble movement against MTR, I am also very proud of them; especially the young Dustin. We all wish his 21st birthday was celebrated in a happier environment.

I am also very sad and surprised that police act in USA could be so inhumane to severely injure an young man for such non-violent protests.

You can find all of them at

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