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RAMPS Join with TSB to Clog Keystone XL Pipeline

Monday, December 3rd, 2012
posted by fern

Update – Glen, Matt and Isabelle are all out of jail!   Thanks for all the support!

Update – Wednesday December 12

Glen (and friends, Matt and Isabelle) are still being held (day 10) in Smith County Jail on an illegal bail of $65,000 each.

Glen is doing alright in jail.  We are keeping him supplied with books to read to fill the time.  He is on his 4th book – he’s currently re-reading Game of Thrones.  He has also been receiving “lots of letters,”  thanks to everyone for the support.

Today is haircut day – so he’ll have a nice new do when he gets out.  He is hoping that will be soon.

Great news!!! All three now have lawyers! A local Texas lawyer wrote to the three of them in jail and offered to represent them, along with two other local lawyers. Glen has met with his lawyer and is hoping to move the process along quickly.


Thanks to everyone who has supported Glen, Matt and Isabelle!

And to remember why Glen took this action…

“I’m barricading this pipe with Tar Sands Blockade today to say loud and clear to the extraction industry that our communities and the resources we depend on for survival are not collateral damage.  This fight in East Texas against tar sands exploitation is one and the same as our fight in the hollers of West Virginia. Dirty energy extraction doesn’t just threaten my home; it threatens the collective future of the planet.”


Winter Action Camp

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012
posted by admin

Winter Action Camp – in St.Louis – Starting Jan. 7, 2013     Apply Now!

For more information click here

St. Louis is home to five coal companies (including Arch, Patriot and Peabody) agri-giant Monsanto and leading frack sand provider (Mississippi Sands)–just to name a few.

As Arch attempts to destroy Blair Mountain, Patriot shirks paying thousands of retired miners’ pensions, Peabody continues to pollute water in Black Mesa, and so much more, their CEOs hide in St. Louis, far from most of the Peabody arrow arch memecommunities whose health, water and way of life they are destroying.

MORE, RAMPS, BMIS and members of the Black Mesa/Big Mountain communities are coming together for the 1st urban Winter Action Camp in St. Louis as yet another part of the growing national uprising against economic and resource extraction.

Build community organizing & direct action skills. Hold CEOs accountable. Grow a movement. Join the winter action camp.  Apply here today.  

Can’t come? Please donate to help send impacted community members from Black Mesa and Appalachia to the Headquarters of the companies who are destroying their health, water and way of life!

For more information, including a list of trainings, click here

Mothers in Jail this Christmas

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012
posted by fern

While I was in South Central Regional Jail last month, I made friends with some women whose stories highlight how the U.S. criminal justice system damages families and our society. A couple of them noticed the wonderful stream of letters that I was getting from people in our movement. Mail is one of the few things to look forward to in jail and my friends didn’t get a lot of it. The United States government prefers incarceration to reforming itself or solving problems in our society. Please send my friends some letters to let them know that there are people out there who are paying attention to the way the jails and prisons are used to oppress and repress, and people who remember the parents who have been taken from their families this Christmas.