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Dineh families requesting direct on-land support

For four decades, the Dineh communities of Black Mesa have fought to stop the U.S government and Peabody Energy Company's exploitation of their homelands and communities. Today, families remain, steadfastly resisting the mine, colonialism, and forced relocation. 

In the words of one resister, "WE NEED YOUR PHYSICAL PRESENCE OUT HERE, ASAP! WE don't ask for monies, just your good-spirited will to come out for a few days/weeks/months and immerse yourself into a cultural community under threat, and accept the daily challenges in supporting these native elders' existence. And yes, we are not asking for monies because we wish to maintain that human sovereignty, and not seek lawyers or travels to far off cities to protest."

You are being invited to the resistance communities' lands to support their resistance and deter governmental and corporate harassment.

Support the Unist'ot'en Encampment

Members of the Wet'suwet'en clan are re-occupying their land to stop an array of oil and gas pipelines planned for that area without their permission.

As political prisoner David Gilbert (among many others) has pointed out, it's important that our local struggles take inspiration from and lend our strength to global struggles, especially those struggles led by indigenous people and people of color.

RAMPS has supported the Unist'ot'en encampment financially and by volunteering, and we call on our friends and allies to do the same.

Drone Footage of Spruce #1 MTR site
"WE ARE THE STORM" CultureStrike and Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative: Art print portfolio highlights the resistance and resilience of communities under threat by climate change.
Youth Engagement Project
Kanawha Forest Coalition
Honoring the Waters ceremony and candlelight vigil in Charleston, WV.

There must be resistance!

posted by admin, Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

You Are Invited to Stand Up Against The Nazi Threat!

Thanks to artist Jimbo Valentine

Spring is here! As ramps pop up throughout the hollers, our work continues on multiple fronts. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Solidarity with Standing Rock: The Legal Battle Continues

RAMPS members have been intimately involved in the resistance at Standing Rock for much of the last nine months. We have supported direct action, helped maintain the camps, and now we are working in solidarity with water protectors who were arrested while defending sacred water. The legal battle in North Dakota is only just beginning as the frontlines move to the courtroom. Only a fraction of nearly 800 cases have been tried before the courts and several cases have already been dismissed! Water protectors are increasingly facing trumped-up felony and federal charges. We are committed to supporting our comrades as they face the oppressive criminal justice system and we hope that such support becomes an integral part of all our movements in this era of increased repression of activists.

The Nazis Are Coming. For Real.

At the end of April, the Traditional Workers Party (TWP) and other neo-Nazi, white supremacist factions will be descending on Appalachia. They plan to hold an organizing conference on April 28 and a large public rally on April 29 in eastern Kentucky.  We fear this is a crucial moment for the white supremacist movement in this country and more specifically, central Appalachia.  They are converging in Appalachia to capitalize on fear, uncertainty, and economic deprivation and to recruit, train, organize and spread their hateful doctrine. There must be resistance!   We are part of building a larger Appalachian anti-fascist network for the long haul. You are invited to come show the Nazis that they are not welcome.

Community Engagement

As we fight the rise of fascism and white supremacy and face a swarm of Nazis coming to our region, building community power in Whitesville remains at the center of our work. At the RAMPS house we consistently discuss this dark political climate with folks.  We talk about indigenous solidarity, sovereignty and our work in Standing Rock; we talk about the role the criminal justice system plays in the lives of young people in this region; we talk about the racist, fascist policies of Trump; we talk about white supremacy and now we’re talking a lot about the Nazis coming to Appalachia.  It felt good to see one of our young friends write ‘Fuck Trump 2k16’ in the snow on car windows throughout Whitesville this winter and it always brings us a smile to see the ever-changing “Fuck Trump” art on the dry erase boards around the house.

In addition to these conversations, we work to provide alternatives to organizations like TWP that prey on youth in largely white, rural areas like ours.  Our young friends have been learning to read and learning to drive with us, and we’re all excited to be spending more time growing the community garden, foraging in the mountains and planning Whitesville’s second herbal health clinic, which will take place July 25-28.

Thanks for all the support!  It makes what we do possible!  Feel free to get in touch, drop by, or donate to support our work!

For the land and people, #PunchANazi,


Thanks to Jimbo Valentine for the amazing anti-Nazi poster!  We’ve been hanging it up around town, if you would like a digital copy, please get in touch.

Resist! All Day, Every Day!

posted by admin, Monday, February 13th, 2017

2016 was an eventful year for us– from setting down roots in the Coal River Valley to supporting the ongoing resistance at Standing Rock.  Here’s a quick update on where we’ve been in 2016 and where we hope to go this year:

The RAMPS Campaign House

Thanks to your generous support, last winter we purchased a large house in Whitesville and, after months of labor, we moved in this past spring. Now we are working to transform our home into a radical community space in the heart of coal country.  Come visit or (even better!) volunteer with us! Thanks to this investment in the future of the Coal River Valley, we have plenty of room to support short or long-term volunteers.

Building Power in the Coal River Valley and Southern WV

In addition to our new house, we strengthened our ties to the Coal River Valley through community projects. This past year, we started a community garden in Whitesville. We’ve started small but are planning to grow in the spring. We have hosted several community events- including a herbal health clinic in Whitesville  and our annual Fall Summit up on Kayford Mountain. We have also continued to address the ongoing water crisis in West Virginia by providing support to communities with no access to clean water in Prenter and on top of Kayford Mountain.

Through our work with the Kanawha Forest Coalition, our disaster relief work in the Elk River Valley and our prisoner support and advocacy work, we’ve supported grassroots work outside the Coal River Valley in southern WV as well.  A huge shout-out to friends and allies with the KFC, whose tireless efforts opposing the KD#2 mine led to the state withdrawing their mining permit. And another shout-out to the Roush family who worked so hard to support and help their neighbors rebuild their community in the wake of the devastating floods in southern WV this past summer!

Commitment to Indigenous Liberation Struggles

This past summer and through the fall and winter, RAMPS members supported direct action against the DAPL pipeline in support of the Indigenous resistance at Standing Rock.  Despite the bitter cold and the police brutality, warriors remain encamped at Standing Rock to oppose construction of the pipeline and reclaim treaty land.  RAMPS members continue to support this resistance as it evolves.

As we enter a new chapter in 2017, our commitment to building power in West Virginia and beyond feels more important than ever. Recent events (including the rise of Trump) have only confirmed our belief that resistance and liberation must be found in the streets, the hollows, and the prairies- a belief that increasingly means risking bogus felony charges, as RAMPS members are facing in DC and ND.

We cannot continue to do this work without your continued support!

Feel free to get in touch, come visit, or donate to support our work!

For the land and people, #PunchANazi,


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