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Request for Direct On-land Support from Dineh Families

In this last month, Dineh families have gotten letters and visits from government authorities threatening livestock impoundments and herd reductions. 

For four decades these communities have fought to stop the U.S government and Peabody Energy Company's exploitation of their homelands and communities. Today families remain, steadfastly resisting the mine, colonialism, and forced relocation. 

Dineh families are requesting direct on-land support.  You are being invited to the resistance communities' lands and homes.  People are asking for support in maintaining their herds. Your presence as a human rights observer can help deter impoundments.

MJ Fall Summit on Kayford Mountain
RAMPS, MJ and Rising Tide Suspended a Banner Above Downtown Roanoke, Calling Out Billionaire Coal Baron Jim Justice
Kanawha Forest Coalition
Prisoners of South Central are standing up and speaking out.Read their letters and sign a petition in support of prisoner demands at: storiesfromsouthcentralwv.com
Honoring the Waters ceremony and candlelight vigil in Charleston, WV.
More video from Honoring the Waters and Candle Light Vigil - Maya Nye speaks

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March 2015 Update

posted by finocchio, Wednesday, March 18th, 2015
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Header image showing KD2 mine in Loudendale WV

RAMPS March 2015 Update

Radical Action For Mountains’ and People’s Survival

A dispatch from Whitesville in the southern coalfields of West Virginia

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Dear Friends and Allies,

It’s been quite a month here in southern West Virginia, with exploding crude oil trains, record-setting cold temperatures & snow, severe melting-induced floods, and the ongoing disaster that is mountaintop removal mining — and RAMPS is hard at work to support our communities in response to these extraction- and climate-change-driven crises.  As mines in the southern coalfields continue to close for economic reasons, and as our politicians continue to demonstrate how hopelessly out of touch they are, we’ve found more potential for our vision of revolutionary change through community power. Read on for updates on our projects — but first, some good news!

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RAMPS Joins Nationwide Leaders at the 4th Extreme Energy Extraction Summit

posted by squirrel, Wednesday, February 11th, 2015


Earlier this month, RAMPS joined leaders from across the continent for the 4th Extreme Energy Extraction Collaborative (or E3C) Summit in Biloxi, MS. As part of the Extreme Energy Extraction Collaborative, RAMPS helps build connections between different organizations and frontline communities fighting extraction,

Carol Judy, root digger, East TN resident, and activist presents "Lone Mountain" an illustrated children's book on mountaintop removal by Sarah Lynch-Thomason.

Carol Judy, root digger, East TN resident, and activist presents “Lone Mountain” an illustrated children’s book on mountaintop removal by Sarah Lynch-Thomason.

as well as helping to organize this annual summit where leaders of the anti-extraction movement come to meet, share, and strategize. This year, the inspiring summit focused on creating space for cross-movement learning, and relationship-building, and dynamic dialogue among a diverse group of working organizers.

e3c biloxy

On the Biloxi Waterfront

RAMPS supports the work of E3C because of the important values and key concepts it holds around such ideas as the importance of unity and true solidarity among the diversity of the movement struggling against extractive industry in the face of the climate crisis. We’ve been thrilled to see the anti-extraction movement recognize itself and start acting with a stronger sense of identity and with more collective intent and synergism over the last four years, and we’re committed to continue being a part of the vital movement-building work happening through the E3C.




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  • D.A.M.N.! We're co-hosting another Direct Action Movie Night with the Kanawha Forest Coalition, Tuesday March 31st at 7pm, in downtown Charleston in the gallery space at Taylor Books. We'll be featuring "Harlan County USA", the award-winning 1976 documentary on the Brookside strike in southeast Kentucky.

  • One of us Appalachian Tree-huggers is going to support the Unist'ot'en Camp, chainsaw in hand. David has raised enough money to buy the chainsaw, now it would be awesome if you could help us fund his travel.

    "It's important that our local struggles take inspiration from and lend our strength to global struggles, especially those struggles led by indigenous people and people of color.
    Work like this strengthens both our movements!"

    CLICK HERE to support A chainsaw from Appalachia for Unist'ot'en Camp!
    Help fund a chainsaw for the Unist'ot'en Camp, a blockade to stop oil pipelines in northern Canada! | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!
  • Congrats to Kanawha Forest Coalition on another step forward in our campaign to shut down the KD#2 mountaintop removal mine! Revelation has been taking too long to begin reclamation (more than 180 days, on more than 3000 feet of "open pit") and has been auger mining outside its permitted operations. It's just a temporary shutdown, but every small delay could be the final straw that convinces them it's not worth the trouble -- and that they should stop blowing up our mountains!

    Timeline Photos
    DEP orders Revelation to cease all coal production on KD#2! Once again, Jeff Hoops' company, Revelation Energy, has violated the law and the conditions of their permit and has been temporarily shut down by DEP. This is how it works for Jeff Hoops - Violate until you get caught, do the minimum required to abate, and start violating again. How many times does this company have to violate the law before the KD#2 permit is permanently revoked? Please send a quick email to Randy Huffman at the DEP asking him to permanently revoke the KD#2 permit. Here's a sample comment you can use: (Mr. Huffman's email address is: [email protected]) Mr. Huffman, I'm writing in regards to the KD#2 surface mine adjacent to Kanawha State Forest. Since the permit was issued last May, Revelation Energy has shown a consistent disregard for both state law and the conditions of their permit. Most recently, Revelation was cited for failing to conduct mining according to the approved permit plan, failing to maintain the reclamation schedule as required by their permit, and failing, once again, to properly maintain sediment control structures and submit required water quality reports. Based on Revelation Energy's consistent pattern of violations, the KD#2 permit should be permanently revoked. Revelation should also not be permitted to change the reclamation schedule outlined in their original permit. The tightening up of the reclamation schedule was a condition they claimed was to minimize impacts to the Kanawha State Forest and allowing a longer reclamation schedule will have adverse impacts to the Forest. Thank you, (Here's the link to read the notices of violation: https://apps.dep.wv.gov/WebApp/_dep/search/Permits/ViolationsDetailsQuery.cfm?permit_id=S300609&dep_office_id=OMR just click on the "violation date" for more details)
  • We're planning to deliver this petition soon, so you have ONE MORE CHANCE to support WV prisoners' demands for justice and accountability. Please sign & share! bit.ly/jail-petition

    Demand basic human rights and safe water access for inmates at West Virginia's South Central...
    In the aftermath of the January, 2014 chemical spill in southern West Virginia, hundreds of inmates at the South Central Regional Jail in Charleston, WV, were deprived of access to enough safe water. Many suffered from illness and injury from dehydration or chemical exposure. Some inmates even faced…
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