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Request for Direct On-land Support from Dineh Families

In this last month, Dineh families have gotten letters and visits from government authorities threatening livestock impoundments and herd reductions. 

For four decades these communities have fought to stop the U.S government and Peabody Energy Company's exploitation of their homelands and communities. Today families remain, steadfastly resisting the mine, colonialism, and forced relocation. 

Dineh families are requesting direct on-land support.  You are being invited to the resistance communities' lands and homes.  People are asking for support in maintaining their herds. Your presence as a human rights observer can help deter impoundments.

Kanawha Forest Coalition
Prisoners of South Central are standing up and speaking out.Read their letters and sign a petition in support of prisoner demands at: storiesfromsouthcentralwv.com
Honoring the Waters ceremony and candlelight vigil in Charleston, WV.
More video from Honoring the Waters and Candle Light Vigil - Maya Nye speaks
Alpha Headquarters Blockade
In Alpha Natural Resources Headquarters in Bristol, Virginia

Support Ramps and the broader movement to end strip mining in Appalachia by purchasing a copy of the Still Moving Mountains CD by clicking on the icon above. It's a project of Aurora Lights.

Rest in Power Jimmy! You will be missed!

posted by admin, Friday, August 29th, 2014
Jimmy Weekley at home in Pigeon Roost hollow Photo by Mark Schmerling

Jimmy Weekley at home in Pigeon Roost hollow
Photo by Mark Schmerling

Jimmy Weekley at the March on Blair Mountain

Jimmy Weekley at the March on Blair Mountain

Alpha Poised to Wipe Out Coal River Mountain

posted by squirrel, Sunday, July 6th, 2014
Eagle seam strip zoom

Proposed mining above Rock Creek

Two weeks ago, Mountain Justice and RAMPS visited Alpha Natural  Resources’  main headquarters in Bristol, VA, to let the company know that we’re very aware of the rash of new permits to mine Coal River Mountain inside and out. By the time those blockading the headquarters had been cut out and the banner-hanger had been retrieved from the front flagpole with a firetruck ladder, 8 of those taking a stand against Alpha had been arrested. All those arrested served some time in jail, and some chose to delay getting bailed out to serve some of their time, with the last person to be bailed out spending two weeks in jail. Bail for the group totaled $35,000.

We’re glad to have everyone out of jail, but this action was the beginning of this chapter of the fight for this mountain, not the end of it. Marfork Coal, a subsidiary of Alpha Natural Resources, has obtained new permits to mine 1,000 acres of the Eastern Side of the Mountain. This expands upon the already-permitted 3,000 acres in the Eagle 2 permit and the Beetree permit, which would mine the peak, western, and northern sides of the mountain. In addition, proposals have just been revealed for Alpha to destroy 2,000 acres of the southern side of the mountain near Rock Creek and Lower Sandlick.  
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  • We recognize that the prison-industrial complex and mass incarceration are part and parcel of the extraction economy, and view prisoner support as a necessary step to combat the social, political, and economic oppression that sustains the power of the coal industry in Appalachia.

    Timeline Photos
    BREAKING: Report published by the Abolitionist Law Center, in partnership with the Human Rights Coalition, and the @[147068983381:274:Center for Coalfield Justice] share the health impacts of living next to a coal ash dump on inmates. All communities deserve the right to a safe environment, clean air, and water. Read Post Gazette article here: http://bit.ly/1trgAtk and find full report here: http://bit.ly/ALCReport Photo Credit: Robin Rombach
  • Happening NOW: Our friends from Rising Tide Seattle have blockaded an oil train.
    Coal, Oil, Gas: None Shall Pass!

    Mobile Uploads
    The blockade continues strong! #noneshallpass Donate: bit.ly/1uxxN5q
  • The Surface Mine Board hearing is streaming live now.
    This is one more step in the fight to stop the KD#2 permit next to Kanawha state forest.

    DEP Surface Mine Board Hearing - August 11, 2014 Afternoon Session

    DEP Surface Mine Board Hearing regarding the appeal of Keystone Industries’ KD No. 2 mine permit continues.
  • Yesterday, hundreds came out to show their support for protecting Kanawha State Forest and our community from mountaintop removal.

    Today, we will delivered thousands of signatures to Governor Tomblin calling on him to revoke the KD#2 surface mine permit adjacent to Kanawha State Forest.

    Help us to amplify the impact of all those thousands of names by calling today and telling Governor Tomblin and DEP cabinet secretary Randy Huffman to immediately and permanently revoke the KD#2 surface mine permit.

    Governor Tomblin: (304) 558-2000
    Randy Huffman, DEP: (304) 926-0499

    Timeline Photos
    Governor Tomblin, we represent the thousands of local residents calling on you to immediately and permanently rescind the KD#2 surface mine permit!
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