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Request for Direct On-land Support from Dineh Families

In this last month, Dineh families have gotten letters and visits from government authorities threatening livestock impoundments and herd reductions. 

For four decades these communities have fought to stop the U.S government and Peabody Energy Company's exploitation of their homelands and communities. Today families remain, steadfastly resisting the mine, colonialism, and forced relocation. 

Dineh families are requesting direct on-land support.  You are being invited to the resistance communities' lands and homes.  People are asking for support in maintaining their herds. Your presence as a human rights observer can help deter impoundments.

MJ Fall Summit on Kayford Mountain
RAMPS, MJ and Rising Tide Suspended a Banner Above Downtown Roanoke, Calling Out Billionaire Coal Baron Jim Justice
Kanawha Forest Coalition
Prisoners of South Central are standing up and speaking out.Read their letters and sign a petition in support of prisoner demands at: storiesfromsouthcentralwv.com
Honoring the Waters ceremony and candlelight vigil in Charleston, WV.
More video from Honoring the Waters and Candle Light Vigil - Maya Nye speaks

Support Ramps and the broader movement to end strip mining in Appalachia by purchasing a copy of the Still Moving Mountains CD by clicking on the icon above. It's a project of Aurora Lights.

David Baghdadi in Jail for the Holidays

posted by squirrel, Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Update: David has said that he’s doing okay with reading material in jail, and he’s asked that anyone else who was considering sending books his way donate to Dineh relocation resisters on Black Mesa in Arizona instead. See the link on the right to learn more or donate. Thanks!


David Baghdadi is spending this holiday season behind bars for his action to cut off the stream of money that banks invest in mining companies. enabling them to create the huge, capital-intensive surface mines that destroy the mountains of Appalachia.

Because he refused to pay restitution, David is having to serve 31 days in Bridgeport Correctional Center. Over a year ago, David was part of an affinity group that hung a banner from a crane telling the nearby UBS headquarters to “stop funding mountaintop removal” as part of the Hands off Appalachia Campaign. This disposition comes after David has been summoned to court in Stamford 11 times to be jerked around by the Connecticut Judicial S10872885_768387043210572_7296948282588057446_oystem.

We all know what a good “comrade” Baghdadi is, and now it’s our turn to support him while he’s in Jail from Hanukkah through late January.

If you want to write to David, address letters to:
David Baghdadi, #400485
Bridgeport Correctional Center
1106 North Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06604

David during his time in jail, we’ll need funding for his legal support, phone calls, and travel costs. Can you donate to David’s legal fund during this holiday season? http://bit.ly/donateHOA. If you want to do something for David directly, you can send him books to read! Just make sure they’re sent straight from Amazon or a similar book distributor and are new and paperback. You can also find more information about how to support David at http://www.prisonprofiler.com/content/Bridgeport-Correctional-Center-Connecticut or contact the RAMPS campaign via our facebook page. Thanks, everyone!


MJ Fall Summit on Kayford Mountain

posted by admin, Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

RAMPS and Keepers of the Mountains are hosting the 9th annual Mountain Justice Fall Summit on Kayford Mountain, October 24th-26th.

fall summit victoria

Fall Summit 2012 on Kayford Mountain


Join us for a weekend of workshops, discussions, storytelling and music as we celebrate the changing of the leaves at the beautiful Stanley Heirs Park on the edge of destruction.  Register Now!

For this year’s fall summit we’re gathering a diverse group of folks, including local community members, Appalachian organizers, and college students, to create an inter-sectional gathering to discuss the many issues affecting our communities more holistically: covering issues including Mountaintop Removal, Fracking, Water, Health, Drug Addiction, Jails and Prisons, Colonization, Local Plants, Military Industrial Complex, Direct Action, Community Organizing, Disaster Response and much more.


Register Now!  If you are unable to attend, please consider donating to help cover the cost of the event.

Can’t wait to see you on Kayford!

For more info: check out this page, email [email protected] or call 304-854-2621.


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