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Mothers in Jail this Christmas

While I was in South Central Regional Jail last month, I made friends with some women whose stories highlight how the U.S. criminal justice system damages families and our society. A couple of them noticed the wonderful stream of letters that I was getting from people in our movement. Mail is one of the few […]

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Solidarity Against Extractive Industry is a Beautiful Thing!

RAMPS  is excited to continue to be part of the growing national uprising against extraction! This past weekend, we had the privilege and honor to be fighting against extraction from many different places. While some of us happily stayed home in West Virginia to continue the long struggle against surface mining, others traveled around the […]

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Announcing Winter Action Camp!

Check Out the 1st Urban Winter Action Camp! Beginning Jan. 7, 2013, RAMPS (Radical Action for Mountain Peoples’ Survival) and MORE (Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment) will be hosting the Winter Action Camp in St. Louis! Apply here today, space is limited! This MORE-RAMPS collaboration is yet another part of the growing national uprising […]

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RAMPS Sends Representatives to Support Tar Sands Blockade

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, three of us from RAMPS took the Everybody’s Kitchen bus down to the Dallas area to support our allies at the Tar Sands Blockade. Here in Texas, grassroots activists have been resisting transcanada’s pipeline construction for weeks, even in the face of extreme police brutality. We’re here to help put on the action […]

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Shaleshock shuts down Shumberger fracking site 5.5 hrs

The National Uprising Against Extraction continues!  Our friends at Shaleshock posted this update to At around 11am, over 150 people arrived to block the main truck entrance in and out to the Schumberger Facility. 20 of this 150 came prepared to use their bodies to blockade the facility until they were removed by police. […]

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Anti-coal activists in India send solidarity letter to RAMPS

Sierra Club has posted two solidarity letters from our fellow activists in India, titled “The Bars of Dirty Coal That Hold You Will Be Broken Soon,  Dustin” and “Solidarity With Dustin.” An excerpt from the first one: The retaining bars that hold Dustin – and other such crusaders against the oppression of the dirtiest energy,  […]

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