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Resistance makes the powers that be quake: Statement from a Protester at Peabody

I am in St. Louis today for many reasons. To stand in solidarity with the native people of Black Mesa and the Navajo nation, as they demand to have their grievances heard. To raise awareness with Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment against Peabody Coal for taking taxpayers’ money just for threatening to leave town, […]

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We are rising up together. Join us.: Statement from Protesters at Peabody

As a St. Louisan, I recognize the opportunity and obligation that I have to challenge Peabody Coal at its headquarters, right here in the city I love. From their offices in St. Louis, Greg Boyce and the other executives at Peabody Coal give orders to poison and displace our brothers and sisters in the coalfields, […]

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Standing on the sidelines will not ensure our safety: Statement from Protester at Peabody

I came to Saint Louis for graduate school, hoping to do research that would bring about technological solutions to climate change.   Underlying this standard graduate student naivete was the far more ubiquitous and far, far more dangerous overreliance on and faith in technology. In the context of our world, where global industrial Capitalism reigns supreme […]

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Navajo, Appalachians, Veterans, and St. Louis Residents Confront Peabody Coal

ST. LOUIS, MO — About one hundreds of protesters are gathered in downtown St. Louis today outside of the Peabody Coal corporate headquarters. St. Louis locals were joined by Navajo residents from Black Mesa, Ariz., Appalachians from coal-burdened West Virginia, and supporters from across the United States to demand the cessation of strip mining and […]

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Letter from Black Mesa Residents to Peabody Execs

Dear Mr. Greg H. Boyce and other Peabody Officials, We have travelled from the Navajo Nation located in what is now the State of Arizona.  We are in St. Louis on behalf of some of the elders from Black Mesa/Big Mountain who are impacted by the coal mining back home.  This letter is to request […]

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Make Them Listen: Statement from an Arch Coal Disrupting Activist

Margaret Fetzer I am here at Arch today because a few people here have been making decisions on behalf of all of us and they have been sacrificing the health of communities in Appalachia and across the world for their quarterly profits. Capitalism does not answer to communities, it only consumes them; we must resist […]

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Fight Like Hell for the Living: Statement from an Arch Coal Disrupting Activist

Anna-Louise Long The first time that I learned about the reality of mountaintop removal I was in Alabama, being guided through the woods by a man across what had been his family’s land. He had lost it to the coal companies, but to him it was still his. He led us through the woods, and […]

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BREAKING UPDATE: Remaining 10 Activists Take Deal; Released

UPDATE 8/7/12:  The remaining 10 arrestees were offered the same plea deal in Lincoln County Court this morning.  All have accepted the deal.  All arrestees have now been released at of 2:30 pm.  Thanks for all of your steadfast support.  More soon. ———————————————————————————————————————-

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BREAKING NEWS: Dustin Steele Released on Bond. 19 Others Remain Behind Bars

Fantastic news here in West Virginia! Dustin Steele has been released on bond just moments ago from the Western Regional Jail.  The courts relented after our lawyers went in yesterday and we are able to use a bail bondsman to pay the Magistrate Court.  Dustin is in good spirits, with friends, finally celebrating their 21st […]

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