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Stamford 14 still facing charges in Connecticut

The 14 of us who were arrested during the Hands Off Appalachia actions at UBS this November attended our first court date on the 8th. We were all offered a deal that may provide us a pathway for getting our charges dropped in exchange for paying restitution, but are waiting on the prosecutor and our […]

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Glancing Back, Charging Forward

Dear Friends, RAMPS has had another busy year supporting struggles against extraction across the country and keeping the pressure on the companies and politicians perpetuating mountaintop removal in Appalachia.  With resistence to extraction spreading like wildfire and the movement in Appalachia digging in, the work shows no sign of slowing down in 2014 and RAMPS […]

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RAMPS Drop in on UBS during Hands Off Appalachia Action

Four members of RAMPS were arrested with eight others on Monday for locking down in UBS’s national headquarters and for hanging a giant banner from a construction crane. Teaming up with Hands Off Appalachia, RAMPS travelled north to Stamford, CT, for HOA’s fall action camp. Coal companies couldn’t tear down the mountains of WV without […]

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Hands Off Appalachia! Come to HOA’s Connecticut Action Camp

Hands Off Appalachia is proud to present the Fall Action Camp in Connecticut [UBS America’s Headquarters] November 19-25. The camp will build organizing capacity and leadership skills among anti-extraction activists in the northeast. After all the hard work and learning, we’ll put our new skills into practice with a culminating action! Expect a week of […]

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Update from Prisoners in SCR Jail Denied Books

UPDATE 9/19: David was released from jail today!  After one month in jail, David was released on “personal recognizance” (without bail) and came home to celebrate with a big meal and a lot of snacks. While we’ve missed David during this REALLY long jail stint, one really important thing came out of David’s time there: inmates […]

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Get Ready for the Mountain Justice Fall Summit!

Join us in West Virginia for a weekend of workshops and trainings about mountain top removal coal mining. Following the weekend there will be intensive sessions, including direct action and community service projects, for people who are interested in spending more time working in the Appalachian region. Click here to sign up for the 2013 […]

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RAMPS March: Forward on Climate

This Sunday, a RAMPS contingent joined more than 40,000 others at the Washington Monument for the Forward on Climate rally and march around the capitol. We marched in a unit with other mountain justice activists from all over Appalachia, representing our battle as a piece of the greater fight. Likewise, representatives from almost every justice […]

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RAMPS Join with TSB to Clog Keystone XL Pipeline

Update – Glen, Matt and Isabelle are all out of jail!   Thanks for all the support! Update – Wednesday December 12 Glen (and friends, Matt and Isabelle) are still being held (day 10) in Smith County Jail on an illegal bail of $65,000 each. Glen is doing alright in jail.  We are keeping him […]

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Mothers in Jail this Christmas

While I was in South Central Regional Jail last month, I made friends with some women whose stories highlight how the U.S. criminal justice system damages families and our society. A couple of them noticed the wonderful stream of letters that I was getting from people in our movement. Mail is one of the few […]

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RAMPS Sends Representatives to Support Tar Sands Blockade

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, three of us from RAMPS took the Everybody’s Kitchen bus down to the Dallas area to support our allies at the Tar Sands Blockade. Here in Texas, grassroots activists have been resisting transcanada’s pipeline construction for weeks, even in the face of extreme police brutality. We’re here to help put on the action […]

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