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Support Stories from South Central WV

As activists who engage in arrestable direct actions, we are familiar with how the criminal (in)justice system works, at least for us. Our friends take the scary and difficult step to risk arrest, putting themselves on the line to resist ecological and political injustices in the communities we work in, and are carted off to […]

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Support the Hobet 20. Write to them!

There are still 10 folks being held in jail after shutting down the largest mountaintop removal site in Appalachia. They would LOVE your support and encouragement so please write letters and send books. Even if you don’t know them personally, everyone did an incredible job standing up to King Coal and this is a time […]

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Skidmore’s Integrity Board Hearing

Friday morning at 9:30, I walked into Skidmore’s Residential Life conference room to begin the hearing that would decide whether or not the tree sit violated Skidmore’s Honor Code and Student Codes of Conduct. ¬†Several days prior I had received a packet of information, including a piece of paper asking me to mark if I […]

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Letter writing to Skidmore

Hey all, First off, just wanted to give a quick update about my status hearing, which happened earlier today. I met with my public defender for about fifteen minutes and told her that I wont take a deal and am taking this to trial. ¬†She met with the prosecutor and all went well–just awaiting the […]

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Update from becks [college edition]

Yesterday afternoon I received notice from the Dean of Student Conduct at Skidmore College (where I am currently going to school) that I would need to meet in front of the Integrity Board to have my actions from the tree sit judged. The policy that I imagine I violated, which can be found here, says, […]

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