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RAMPS Joins Ohio Residents to Shut Down Fracking Waste Storage Facility

New Matamoras OH – Ohio residents and allies from numerous environmental groups including Earth First! have disrupted operations at Greenhunter Water’s hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” waste storage site along the Ohio River in Washington County. Nate Ebert, a 33-year-old Athens County resident and member of Appalachia Resist!, ascended a 30 foot pole anchored to a […]

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Disturbing Greg Boyce’s Peace: StopPeabody Activists Kidnapped by Hotel Security

Two activists were arrested for distributing this flier near the apartment of Peabody Energy CEO Greg Boyce on Tuesday inside the Chase Park Plaza hotel and apartment complex. The activists were charged with disturbing the peace and released after eight hours in custody. Earlier that morning, a small group known as the “Chase Park Plaza […]

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Video, photos, Peabody 12 free, 1 from Arch still behind bars

All 12 arrestees from Jan. 26 #StopPeabody action have been released from jail!  However, one activist is still in jail after his Jan. 22 arrest at Arch Coal’s headquarters. Please consider a contribution to the Legal Defense Fund to support these great folks. Yesterday was an amazing coming together of East and West, Native people […]

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Citizens Bring the Fight to Peabody; 12 Arrested

An unprecedented coalition of Navajo (Dineh) residents of Black Mesa, AZ, Appalachian residents, St. Louis residents, military veterans and labor unions brought the fight for our future to Peabody’s HQ today.  Nearly 100 of us had a raucous rally opened with a prayer by Black Mesa native Don Yellowman, followed by speeches demanding Peabody stop […]

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No Business as Usual for Arch Coal Today

CREVE COEUR, MO–Seven protesters disrupted work at Arch Coal corporate headquarters today by locking themselves together inside Arch’s office building. At approximately 9 a.m., three protesters disguised as delivery personnel wheeled a 500-pound potted plant filled with concrete up to the third floor offices of Arch Coal and locked themselves to the plant. Another four […]

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We’re Strong and Everywhere: Statement from an Arch Coal Disrupting Activist

Coal has always been in the forefront of my life. A UMWA pension is what kept food in my stomach and a roof over my head. The lure of the mines has attracted most of my family, a majority of the folks I went to school with, some of my greatest allies, and a group […]

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Make Them Listen: Statement from an Arch Coal Disrupting Activist

Margaret Fetzer I am here at Arch today because a few people here have been making decisions on behalf of all of us and they have been sacrificing the health of communities in Appalachia and across the world for their quarterly profits. Capitalism does not answer to communities, it only consumes them; we must resist […]

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Fight Like Hell for the Living: Statement from an Arch Coal Disrupting Activist

Anna-Louise Long The first time that I learned about the reality of mountaintop removal I was in Alabama, being guided through the woods by a man across what had been his family’s land. He had lost it to the coal companies, but to him it was still his. He led us through the woods, and […]

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Activists Disrupt Arch Coal Corporate HQ

UPDATE 4:41 pm CST: All activists have been removed after disrupting business as usual at Arch Coal for over 6 hours.  We are still waiting on final confirmation of bail and charges. What a great day! UPDATE: 3:27 pm CST: One activist is still locked down. The corrected bail amount is $1,000. UPDATE 2:51 pm […]

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RAMPS Join with TSB to Clog Keystone XL Pipeline

Update – Glen, Matt and Isabelle are all out of jail!   Thanks for all the support! Update – Wednesday December 12 Glen (and friends, Matt and Isabelle) are still being held (day 10) in Smith County Jail on an illegal bail of $65,000 each. Glen is doing alright in jail.  We are keeping him […]

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