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A Letter from Jail

Squirrel is out of Jail and enjoying being home.   We didn’t get this letter in the mail until after we have already been hanging out with her, but here’s a letter from jail … When I went before the magistrate to take my plea, he asked me the same question that I had watched him […]

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Solidarity Against Extractive Industry is a Beautiful Thing!

RAMPS  is excited to continue to be part of the growing national uprising against extraction! This past weekend, we had the privilege and honor to be fighting against extraction from many different places. While some of us happily stayed home in West Virginia to continue the long struggle against surface mining, others traveled around the […]

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Squirrel Goes to Jail Again

UPDATE: Squirrel’s letters are getting rejected.  PLEASE read the “Sending Letters & Books” section of the Jail Support page before sending mail.  If you include things like stickers, letters, etc., your letter will get rejected.  Also, please include a return address so that it gets through and so that squirrel can write you back.  Thanks […]

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Mountain Justice Fall Summit was a great success!

This past weekend many college students, folks from around the east coast, and even travelers from Europe converged in Rock Creek, WV for the Mountain Justice Fall Summit, an annual gathering put together by Mountain Justice, Coal River Mountain Watch, and RAMPS. The weekend consisted of many workshops, networking, and even a dance party. As […]

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Mountain Justice Fall Summit

Register Now! In the heart of the mountains of southern West Virginia. The Mountain Justice Fall Summit will help you develop skills and gain valuable experience in the struggle to stop mountain top removal. Friday night we will kick off the summit with an awesome panel of inspiring young West Virginia activists including Junior Walk […]

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Fighting for Fairness – Remembering Larry Gibson

Mathew Louis-Rosenberg: Fighting for Fairness I am in mourning for a dear friend and a great teacher to me, Larry Gibson. Since hearing that he had a heart attack up on his beloved Kayford Mountain Sunday, almost everyone I know has been shell-shocked. His decades of uncompromising leadership in the fight against strip mining and […]

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Can’t nobody take my pride, can’t nobody hold me down!

For the mountains, for the people, FOREVER, Ducky I’d like to start this piece off by extending a huge and heartfelt thank you to the RAMPS organizers and everybody who has shown me support over the past week.  It’s been a hell of an experience.  I wouldn’t be able to take part in actions like […]

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Ducky Takes Plea deal – 5 Days in Jail

update 9/3: Ducky is out of jail! He celebrated his release with Mexican food and enough giggles to send some up his nasal passages. More on his jail experience soon. UPDATE 9/1: Ducky has called us for the first time from South Central Regional. He sounded chipper and explained that he hasn’t been able to contact […]

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Take Back a Mountain on July 28

**UPDATE** Registration is still open, now looking towards the day of action on Saturday.  Please register at the link below to get all the information you need. register, register, register! Please spread the word far and wide and make sure that folks you know are coming get the information they need! **** On Saturday, July 28th, hundreds of […]

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housing update

Update (5/25/12):  Unfortunately, the property we had our eye on in the Coal River Valley sold, but we’re still exploring other possibilities for a permanent home for our campaign in southern West Virginia. Thanks everyone who is supporting us in this effort!

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